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01 | Tightens and firms double chins, jowls, sagging lids and more

Facial Magic will transform your face by refining, toning, firming and contouring sagging facial muscles. Just as exercise tightens and lifts the muscles in your buttocks and thighs, exercise will tighten your facial muscles. Your facial muscles soften and droop from lack of exercise. When your forehead muscle atrophies and lengthens, your eyebrows drop and your eyelids become lined and hooded. The same is true of your cheeks, jowls, and neck; the sagging muscles elongate your face. Facial Magic's simple isometric, resistance exercises target and strengthen the underlying muscles of your face. By firming and lifting these muscles, the youthful contours of your face return.

02 | Noticeable improvement

Yes, you can look years younger without painful and costly procedures that must be repeated and can endanger your good health. Exercise is the natural way to correct droopy, facial features quickly and easily. In just days you will begin to see and feel the difference Facial Magic exercise creates; your eye lids will begin to lift, your forehead will strengthen, your cheeks will reposition and contour and that wattle will melt as your jowls and pouches noticeably improve. What could be easier? No sutures, no drugs, no mistakes.

03 | Non-Invasive

Exercise is green. Exercise has been proven to lift and tone not only your body but your face as well. Facial Magic's specialized anchoring techniques are an effective and natural method of facial rehabilitation that doesn't require injections or other harmful modalities. Facial muscles attach to bone only on one end; the other end attaches to either the skin or another muscle. That's why we must create an artificial anchor so that a contraction can be made. This lifts, shortens and plumps the tiny facial muscles. Learning two exercises each week and practicing those movements six days in a row will firm and lift your face without drugs, electro-stimulation or doctor visits. Using only your thumbs and fingers while wearing exercise gloves gives you control over the aging process. Facial Magic is Nature's Face Lift!

04 | Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

When the underlying muscles are strengthened, the appearance of fine line and wrinkles are lessened. In the face, your muscles are attached directly to the skin. When aging and sagging become apparent, this action drags down the skin, pooling the skin into other muscles and this action can create lines and wrinkles. By exercising those tiny, hidden, sagging muscles, your skin is revitalized with oxygenated blood and the visible signs of aging are reduced. Your skin becomes radiant, thicker and younger looking. Twists, scrunches, puckers and contortions will not give you the results you desire. That's why Facial Magic's isometric with resistance movements are superior and work quickly to lift your facial features.

05 | Natural and pain free

Exercise is natural and our techniques are pain free. The Facial Magic exercises provide stunning results when you follow the direction from the Facial Magic DVD System. These exercises are the fastest, easiest, safest, least expensive and most powerful techniques to STOP sagging facial features and lift your droopy face. The specialized, easy-to-learn movements will contour, shape, lift and refine your facial features to help you recapture the younger face you thought you had lost forever. Most users declare they look 10 -15 years younger by using this non-surgical, non-invasive program that lifts and tightens all regions of your face and neck with no recovery time and no surprises.

06 | Proven results

Facial Magic's proven results demonstrate that faces can be transformed and when you use the program, you can expect that your face will look years younger, too. This facial exercise system has been successfully used for years by discriminating men and women, including celebrities, physicians, dentists, even those in the White House, proving that Facial Magic is the most amazing tool to transform your face. The results are apparent almost immediately and lasting results are possible when you exercise just a few minutes a day. You will see and feel your facial features improve as your facial symmetry and skin tone are restored when using our facial exercises. Facial Magic works for everyone. It is a safer, faster and more effective way to look years younger, the process is easy to learn and the results are astonishing.

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